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Here is a link to a list of great things to do with liquid nitrogen. My favorites are:

  • Freeze a can of shaving cream and then peel the can away from the
    cream. Put the canless cream into someone’s car. Let the oven-like heat
    from the car’s sitting in the sun defrost the shaving cream. 2 cans
    will fill an entire car.
  • Overclock your processor
  • One of my favorite liquid nitrogen demonstrations is to place an
    egg (raw in shell)in a container and cover with liquid nitrogen. After
    the nitrogen has evaporated, take the egg out smash it with a hammer,
    it appears to be hard boiled. As it cools it returns to white and yolk.
  • Get a couple liters in a container, and dump it on the floor in the
    direction you want the debris to travel. It picks up everything in it’s
    wave and if it hits a wall, the wave will boil off and deposit the junk
    there. Now all you have to do is go around the perimeter and sweep up
    the clutter.
  • Take a ping-pong ball and poke a small hole in it. The hole
    has to be tangental to the sphere of the ball. When poking the hole use a
    pin and the pin should be almost flat agianst the ball. Basically you
    want a hole in the side of the ball that will cause the ball to spin.
    Submerge this ball into the liquid nitrogen and let it fill up. Place
    the ball on a table and watch it spin. As the nitrogen goes back to a
    gas it will rush out the hole and presto!! It’s pretty cool. If it does
    not spin try placing your hand on it to warm it to get it started.
  • Sometime you may not have the time to cool the bottles in the
    fridge before serving. In this case, fill all the glasses with warm
    champagne, add a few ml of LN2 to each glass and serve immediately,
    while the LN2 is still steaming. This one is really cool.

1001 Things To Do with LN2