Google Inc. on Thursday
temporarily suspended signing up new accounts for its Web site hosting
service due to heavy demand.

The Mountain View, Calif., search engine, which launched Google Page
Creator this week, created a waiting list of people’s email addresses.

"Due to heavy demand, we are unable to offer new accounts for today," Google said on the Page Creator site.

The new service includes online
tools that can arrange text, images or other types of Web content
within pre-built templates in a variety of styles. A person builds the
pages within his Web browser in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get

To use the service, a person must have a Google account and a Gmail
address. The latter is Google’s Webmail service. Pages are uploaded by
a single click, and the URL includes a person’s Gmail user name, i.e.

The service has a 100MB limit for
pages and uploaded files. The tools are recommended for people who want
to build simple, static Web sites, not e-commerce or interactive sites.
For people who plan to update their pages regularly, then the company
recommends the use of its online blogging service, Blogger.


Antone Gonsalves