The Plasma 2System is an unprecedented computer peripheral designed to
support the human body while interacting with the computer on a daily
basis. The only healthy way to work at a computer for hours at a time
is to change positions several times throughout the day. Slight posture
shifts make a big difference in optimising the performance of your body
and mind. The Plasma 2System is the first technology to make this
possible by combining the infinitely flexible Stance angle chair with
the Plasma 2monitor and keyboard positioning unit to support an
innumerable number of working positions for your body.

It’s easy to use, just a few simple controls
adjust your height, angle, and leg cushion in fluid, effortless motion.
The Plasma 2System fits easily into any office environment requiring no
drilling or retrofitting.

"After seven years of development The Plasma
2System represents the latest in ergonomic technology for the daily
computer user," says Alan Tholkes, founder of HealthPostures.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors."Right now it’s a quantum leap in how the human
body interacts with the computer, but soon The Plasma 2System will be
as common as the fax machine, employees will come to expect it." Jack
Hockenberry, co-developer of the Plasma 2System goes on to say, "If
you’ve been using a traditional static desk and chair — based on
technology predating electricity — to interact with the latest
computer hardware, you are missing a valuable competitive edge."

You don’t just feel the benefits of The Plasma
2System in your body; you can see it on the bottom line. According to
the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; workers who
switched to an ergonomic workstation, realized a 24% performance gain.

The Plasma 2System was motivated in part by
legislation in the mid ’90’s requiring employers to provide necessary
ergonomic equipment for employees.

The Plasma 2System is your answer to this
requirement, the System’s Stance angle chair is the only chair endorsed
by the International Academy of Chiropractic Occupational Health
Consultants and HealthPostures is an authorized government provider of
ergonomically designed computer peripherals. The Plasma 2System was
developed by industrial design legend Jack Hockenberry, HealthPostures
CEO Alan Tholkes and Design Engineer DuWayne Dandurand.

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