A study from Dutch and Swedish scientists suggests that women who have breast augmentation surgery done for cosmetic reasons are three times as likely to commit suicide than the general population.

The researchers believe the problem stems from issues of low self-esteem and poor body image in women who have breast implants and suggested that surgeons should evaluate women for psychological problems before carrying out any such surgery. "If women have a psychological problem and they are given breast implants they will still have the problem," concluded the researchers. In similar yet totally different news, the new rage in cosmetic surgery is nipple enlargement, done with injections of collagen or cartilage taken from the patient’s ear. Nipple surgeon Dr. Bruce Nadler says that most people do it for that "teasing look" of erect nipples, while others—mostly men—have nipple fetishes and want their nipples to be the "biggest, most desirable nipples possible." No word on how many men kill themselves after discovering their super nipples don’t make them feel good about themselves.