Here’s a fun robotic luggage concept from architect/designer Peter Yeadon – the Fido luggage bot follows you around like a loyal companion as you travel.

Sure, wheeled suitcases and ergonomically correct bags make traveling easier, but face it, what you really want is a robotic suitcase that follows you around on its own without you having to pick it up even once. That’s the idea behind Fido Luggage, a product concept from architect Peter Yeadon. Once the bag’s owner slips on a watch-like controller, the suitcase is under his control, able to follow both passively over a wireless link, and to obey voice commands. The bag’s wheels are each independently controlled for smooth travel in any direction, and laser sensors help it navigate rough terrain and avoid running over small children. Needless to say, we don’t expect to ever see this for sale in our corner luggage shop (and we suspect that even if it was somehow produced, the TSA would instantly ban it from US airports), but we can’t help but want it anyhow.  After all, it’s everything we ever wanted in a pet: quiet, obedient  and willing to bring us our slippers, newspaper and just about everything else.

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