SmartGardens are specially designed gardens that automatically water and feed plants without the need for pumps, timers and nutrient monitoring.

They incorporate a watering system called a SmartValve, which enables the plants to be gravity fed, instead of through a pump. This means there is no need for a reservoir below the garden to capture runoff. There are some more details here. SmartGardens can be placed on the ground, on racks or even on shelves.
The system is intended for growing small- to medium-sized herbs and flowers without the complexity of a recirculating hydroponic system. The SmartValve resembles that of an ebb & flow growing system by employing a simple flood and drain principle but without the need to return depleted solution back to the reservoir.

In response to hundreds of inquiries from gardeners with Autopot systems, we’ve created a new garden design based on the proven effectiveness of the SmartValve MKII. By mating the simplest and most effective means of watering and feeding your plants to the most versatile garden design, we’ve eliminated the need for pumps, timers and electricity while freeing up space to grow even more of what you garden for. Since the SmartGardens utilize the patented SmartValve technology, enabling them to be gravity fed, there’s no more need for pumps, timers or the electricity that goes with them. This also means you no longer must have a reservoir below your garden to capture runoff. Now you can grow anywhere from the ground on up, on racks, shelves or walls. Just imagine the possibilities or take a look here for some layout ideas.

Since the SmartGardens don’t recirculate used nutrient solution back to your reservoir, gone are the days of having to monitor and manage pH and PPM fluctuations. Just fill your reservoir with nutrient solution and keep it topped off with more. No more reservoir changes and the waste of time and nutrients that go with it. Each plant enjoys a full 1 Qt. planter to spread its roots and get a firm hold in your garden. You can even use whichever growing medium you like, provided is has a small enough grain to draw water up from the bottom by 2-3" – We’ve found the ideal mix is a 1:1 Perlite to Coconut Coir mix (1 bick and 1 4q bag will fill 12 pots) , have generous 8" on center plant spacing and . With this new layout, gardeners looking to grow smaller plants or a larger variety of plants can have their cake and eat it too since the SmartGarden Layouts allow you the luxury of positioning them any way you can imagine. Since the Smart Gardens only measure 5" wide x 5" tall in either 3′ or 4.5′ lengths, you can grow plants literally from the ground up and make use of extremely short areas where gardens with a recirculating reservoir below could not fit. They even work great mounted on the wall. 

Since SmartGardens are completely portable you can grow a thriving garden indoors next to a sunny window, under one of our many grow lights, on your balcony, deck or rooftop.

Smartgardens, Smart GardensGrow anything from kitchen herbs to flowers and small fruits up to 30" tall. Plants that will grow larger than this should be grown using our Autopots.

SmartGardens kits come complete with everything needed for hydroponic use and utilize an inert and sterile blend of Ultrapeat coconut coir and Aerolite super coarse horticultural perlite as a growing medium. You may also choose to grow organically by simply filling the pots with your favorite soil mix and using plain water or diluted nutrient in your reservoir. SmartGardens are also sold seperately so you can expand your SmartGarden system, or make your own special layout. SmartGardens measure 5" wide by 5" tall and are available in both 3′ and 4.5′ lengths.

The SmartGardens have been successfully used by commercial greenhouses throughout the world with gravity feed reservoirs which will support gardens with up to 20 trays, larger installations will benefit by using an automatic nutrient doser and pump to provide the required feedline pressure.

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