The Colorado House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Brain Fingerprinting Testing will take place Thursday, March 9, at 1:30 p.m., in Colorado State Capitol, Room 0112

The public is invited to attend this historic hearing. Seating is limited, but please come and help support this effort.

This is a critical bill that the DaVinci Institute has been working towards for the past two years. The impact of Brain Fingerprinting will be global as a valuable tool for more efficient and cost-effective justice and increased public safety.

The inventor of Brain Fingerprinting testing, Dr. Lawrence Farwell, caught a last minute flight into Colorado and is scheduled to offer expert testimony at the hearing. Other stakeholders in criminal justice and corrections are invited to attend either to just observe and learn, or to offer comments on the technology. To find out more about Brain Fingerprinting testing for criminal justice, Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, and advertising, see

HB06-1292 would, among other things, allow incarcerated felons to request a Brain Fingerprinting test to help prove their innocence and get exonerated, as was already done in Iowa where it was admitted as evidence in an Iowa district court. HB06-1292 also establishes an account in the State Treasury to receive gifts, grants and donations to help pay for the test.

The full text of the bill is at:

This bill is the first of its kind in the nation. It will create the foundation for not only freeing innocent prisoners and saving Colorado taxpayers millions of dollars but for establishing the National Training Center for Brain Fingerprinting in Colorado and bringing other economic