The RHex project aims to develop a six legged dog-like robot, capable of achieving a wide variety of dynamically dextrous tasks, such as walking, running, leaping over obstacles, climbing stairs, with a single autonomous platform.  Check out these amazing videos.

RHex is a man-portable robot with extraordinary rough terrain mobility. RHex climbs over rock fields, mud, sand, vegetation, railroad tracks, telephone poles and up steep slopes and stairways. RHex has a sealed body, making it fully operational in wet weather, in muddy and swampy conditions, and it can swim on the surface or dive underwater. RHex’s remarkable terrain capabilities have been validated in independent testing at US Government Labs.

RHex is controlled remotely from an operator control unit at distances up to 600 meters. A video uplink provides front and rear views from RHex’s onboard cameras. RHex also uplinks navigational data from onboard compass and GPS and from payload sensors. A downlink allows the operator to control mobility and to operate mission payloads.

Outdoor Hikes (August-September 2000, McGill)   



RHex runs downhill(1.8 Mb MPEG)  RHex falls over cliff and recovers(2.0 Mb MPEG)


Fractal Terrain (December 1999, Michigan)  



Front view(1.2 Mb MPEG)   Top view(1.3 Mb MPEG) 

Outdoor Obstacles (October 1999, Michigan)     

Running over mixed obstacles(1.6 Mb MPEG) The composite outdoor obstacle(800Kb MPEG)

Indoor Obstacles (October 1999, Michigan)

Single high styrofoam obstacle(475 Kb MPEG) Complex styrofoam obstacle(578 Kb MPEG)  
  First steps (August 1999, McGill)

  Walking and turning in place(2.1 Mb MPEG)

Locomotion over rough terrain(3.5 Mb MPEG)


Ambhibious operation(3.8 Mb MPEG) 


Climbing slopes up to 30deg(4.5 Mb MPEG) Pronking at 1m/s(0.9 Mb MPEG)