The number of U.S. minority patients undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery last year increased 65 percent, with nearly 2.3 million procedures performed.

The Illinois-based American Society of Plastic Surgeons said Hispanics continue to lead all ethnic groups with more than 921,000 cosmetic procedures performed, followed by African-Americans with 769,000 procedures and Asians with 437,000 procedures.

We are seeing a significant increase in the number of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures across all ethnic groups, said ASPS President Dr. Bruce Cunningham. The increase can be, in large part, attributed to greater exposure to the benefits of plastic surgery, a growing acceptance of the specialty, and increased economic power within these ethnic groups.

Hispanics comprised 9 percent of 2005’s 10.2 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. The most commonly requested surgical cosmetic procedures for Hispanics were nose reshaping, breast augmentation and liposuction.

The most commonly requested minimally invasive cosmetic procedures for all three ethnic groups were Botox, injectable wrinkle fillers and chemical peels.