A wave power machine manufactured in Scotland for the world’s first commercial wave farm is being shipped to Portugal.

The first of three 750-kilowatt Pelamis wave energy converters was being transported from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis to the port of Peniche.

Edinburgh-based company Ocean Power Delivery (OPD) was commissioned by a Portuguese consortium to build the initial phase of the scheme, which will generate renewable electricity from ocean waves.

The tube segments have been constructed at the Camcal factory on Lewis, and if successful a further 28 will be ordered before the end of the year.

When finished, the 2.25-megawatt, £8 million project off the coast of northern Portugal is expected to meet the average electricity demands of more than 1,500 Portuguese households.

The project has been hailed a success for Scotland’s marine energy sector.

But concerns have been raised that Scotland may "miss the boat" unless there is future investment for research into wave-power schemes.

Richard Yemm, managing director of OPD, said: "This is a tremendously exciting day for OPD, our suppliers and the wave energy sector."

"The Scottish Executive is now taking the lead with proposals to deliver such a market," he said. "However this needs to be nailed down quickly or we may miss the boat.

"Without a clear route to commercial deployment in UK waters soon, the industrial opportunity is likely to move to Portugal."