In Texas, Tom Green County commissioners gave extra preparation time Saturday to a group proposing a faith-based prison in San Angelo.

The new management team of Dallas-based Corrections Concepts asked for at least two months to prepare more detailed financial information on the project. The commissioners did not set a timetable.

Corrections Concepts was the only group to step forward when the county requested proposals for the 623-inmate prison. A management contract has not been voted on. The company’s new chief executive Forrest Watson said the group needs time to reorganize.

County commissioner Richard Easingwood told the San Angelo Standard-Times that he wants to see hard numbers to support the prison’s business plan.

The prison would house inmates who volunteer for the program in the final two years of their sentences.

Supporters say it could influence prisoners’ lives through religion, and create jobs.

Opponents question the economic benefit and point to safety and water use concerns.