Mule Lighting has created a substitute for neon that’s made up of flexible LEDs that are just as bright but 70% more energy efficient.

The lights also last longer than neon and are more durable, too, with their specially-designed LEDs cleverly inserted inside tough yet flexible tubes. That bendability facilitates dazzling applications as well—Mule says, “It looks just like neon…except you can tie it in knots.”

The ideal lighting solution for any architectural, decorative or signage application. LED-FLEX incorporates light emitting diode (LED) technology in a flexible, durable tube that uses a proprietary maximization technique to achieve the appearance and brightness of traditional neon.

The LED substitute for neon lighting has arrived. After two years of research and development, Mule Lighting has developed a product that looks like traditional neon but is more versatile.

To make LED-FLEX, Mule Lighting incorporated light emitting diode (LED) technology into a flexible and durable package that has the appearance and brightness of traditional neon. The uniform and super-bright light output is achieved through a proprietary optical maximization technique which is completely sealed and impervious to shock and vibration.

LED-FLEX is suitable for wet locations and can withstand extreme temperatures. The product uses very little energy, requires little maintenance, and is available in a variety of bright colors.