A Dutch entrepreneur is offering what he hopes will be the latest extreme sport – ‘fun burials’.

For 75 euros, people can be buried 5ft down in a coffin for an hour – under a
3.5 tonne concrete block, reports Nu.nl.

The coffin has an oxygen supply, a panic button and is linked by webcam to a
computer which friends and family can watch.

Dutch entertainer Eddy Daams, from Eexterveenschekanaal, is behind the idea
which he calls Fun Burials.

He said: "After bunjee jumping, this wil become the new extreme kick. It is
very safe, nothing can go wrong.

"If the person in the coffin is having a panic attack, he can push the panic
button to heave off the block."

Mr Daams is running the project in his own garden and says it should be up
and running commercially this summer.

We can hardly wait…..