You are speeding along on your bike, feeling good about the exercise
and the total lack of emissions, when your reverie is broken by the
jazzy hum of your cellphone’s tune.

Do you fumble through your pockets
in a panic, knowing your charge is low and wondering if this will be
more important than the usual “Hello, where are you?” Or are you fully
outfitted with the Pedal & Power® phone charger, your mobile phone
resting safely in the holder on your handlebars, juicing up with each
turn of your pedals?


The manufacturer claims that Pedal & Power® can fully charge a
mobile phone battery of 600 mAh in approximately 70 minutes, based on
cycle speed of 19kph (12mph) & dynamo output of 3 watts. Any device
which can be charged from a car lighter can be charged with Pedal &
Power® including your GPS and digital camera, for those trips into
undiscovered territory. In theory, you can even charge your laptop.
With the higher energy demands of the computer, I doubt this will make
you independent of the power grid, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could
get just enough charge to pick up your emails when you are on tour?

The Pedal & Power® comes complete with a 6v/3w dynamo, the Pedal
& Power® Charger Unit which mounts on the bicycle frame tube, and
the phone holder designed to firmly hold all size mobile phones
(although for off-road cycling it is recommended to secure your phone
in its case or belt clip, which insert into a port in the base of the
phone holder). The phone simply slides in and out of the holder and the
charger unit can be removed from its bracket with a quick release clip.
You need to own the car lighter charger cable from your device supplier
in order to plug into the Charger Unit.

Christine Lepisto