This project bridges the disciplines
of fashion, analytical chemistry, nanotechnology,
perfumery and architecture to construct
a smart Scentimental Space
that enhances visual communication, wellbeing,
and sentimentality with the art of perfumery.

It enriches public space by allowing the
general public to wear clothing from an
emotional wardrobe that interacts with wellpaper

Scentimental space explores
‘Re-cabling Fashion Re-cabling Space’
by embedding senso-cells
(body sensors) and colodours
(fragrant fluidic colours) into multisensory
clothing and responsive environments. The
end result is for the user to maintain emotional
control, preserve a healthy frame
of mind and promote wellness. Colodours
focus on lab-on-a-chip smell and colour
therapy and the impact it has on mental
health. It concentrates on a more active
approach to fashion, introducing living
surfaces as a Smart Second Skin.

As humans are a bunch of cables and intelligent
cells delivering blood, signals and fluids
around the body’s tubing system, re-cabled
fabrics and wallpaper are similar, with
an exaggerated response to respiratory rhythms.
Modelling systems as micro mechanisms allows
biological functions such as smell to be
miniaturised to enable colodours
to radiate in public spaces. The responsive
wallpaper gives the public security in an
intimate scentimental bubble. Colodours
are actively pulsed electronically through
a fluidic cabling system embedded in sensitive
fabric and wellpaper, with the capacity
to mimic the body’s respiratory system,
senses and scent glands.

Clothing worn in a scentimental environment
allows interaction with human emotions,
whereby the aroma, colour, taste, touch
and sound dimensions are an integral part
of the wellness experience. The clothing
combines the confidence enhancing and social
acceptability of fashion-led garments with
the positive psychological benefits of influencing
moods. They offer direct life-saving and
analgesic assistance through different mechanisms’
whilst soothing, stimulating, motivating
or invigorating the user. By Re-cabling
Fashion Re-cabling Space, it is possible
to create a unique collection of therapeutic
clothing set in an open scentimental
space constructed of electronic
wallpaper that changes smell, colour, temperature,
texture, taste, sound and tempo to suit
the inhabitants mood.

All smell stimuli influence emotions. Recent
research demonstrates how olfactory substances
stimulate the autonomic nervous system by
increasing wellbeing through changes in
electrical brain activity. Findings in aromachology
show that optical stimuli (especially colour)
influence the perception of smell or temperature.
Wearing blue in combination with a peppermint
odour leads to a perception of lower temperature
and calmness.

Senso-cells utilise a
‘scentreface’, an interface
to an electronic nose. The architecture
in the public space provides a fine envelope
for the activity felt by the user. They
become ‘scentimental’ as senso-cells
pick up on cues from sudden shifts in mood.
The clothing stabilises by sniffing critical
changes through breath and body odour and
releases calming scents in steady pulses.
In return the clothing subtly interacts
with the wellpaper to enhance the atmosphere
by altering colour, sound, texture, taste
and vibration.

The wardrobe consists of the less
stress dress. This is woven with
‘strings of emotion’ to create a network
of colodours that secrete
therapeutic scents from the heart, depending
on the mood. During a distressing experience
the dress emits neroli to lower stress-related
blood pressure, whilst the wellpapers veins
pulse an orange tone to combine physical
and emotional stimulation. During a fearful
period the dress releases frankincense whilst
the wellpaper grows lighter in tone to reduce
terror. Further examples include the confidence
coat to boost self-esteem, shock frock to
assist trauma and treat depression, anti-anger
anorak to relieve irritation whilst the
wellpaper adjusts to magenta to alleviate
a state of anger.

Wearing a scent to sleep slip helps insomniacs.
It dispenses lavender that interacts with
the wellpaper to restrict noise levels whilst
changing to a sedative indigo colour. Lavender
also increases mathematical effectiveness
in the scent to study shirt. Entry to a
building is gained through biometric scanning
by embedding a scentreface in a ‘welldoor’
which registers body odour (more accurate
than a fingerprint).

If the user is afraid and prone to panic
attacks, the wellpaper listens, consoles
and talks whilst the panic-free tee sends
reassuring ‘scentsations’ of
acute tranquility. The scentimental
space also comforts bipolar disorders
as the senses are heightened during symptoms
of mania. A stabilising suit counteracts
offensive smells whilst the wellpaper stifles
background noise, neutralises bad tastes
and camouflages hallucinating shapes until
the mood subsides, allowing the possibility
to remain visible or invisible amongst the