For those of you with a late night craving of things made from camels comes a line of chocolates made from camels milk.

Low fat camel’s milk chocolate is due to hit shelves after an Austrian chocolate maker joined forces with an Arabic camel farm.

Vienna-based Chocolatier Hochleitner has developed the sweet treats by using milk from the United Arab Emirates and money from the Abu Dhabi royal family.

Company head Johann Georg Hochleitner said: "We have come so far and what was once thought of as a crazy idea has become a huge project, particularly in the Arabic world where there is a potential market of about 200 million people."

He added: "Powdered camel milk is sent from Abu Dhabi to Austria where we produce the raw chocolate and then send it back for processing to a factory in the middle of the desert."

According to Hochleitner camel’s milk is a good alternative to cow’s milk because it is lower in fat and sweeter.

The chocolate, which is to hit the Arabic market this autumn, is called Al Nassma, after the cool wind that blows in the desert.

And the chocolate is expected to be introduced to the EU market after its launch in Abu Dhabi in the autumn.