The German government plans to invest around 500 million euros
($605.8 million) in alternative fuel technology research over the next
10 years, Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee said on Saturday.

technology needs to get a boost in Europe. We need new incentives that
lead away from oil," Tiefensee said on Saturday at the Leipzig car show.

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said that by 2020, hydrogen and fuel-cell technology would likely be
ready for mass production. In the meantime Germany would need to try to
get a headstart in developing new fuel technology.

of the auto industry also expressed a willingness to invest in the
development of environmentally friendly fuels. Tiefensee said he he
hoped the industry would invest another 500 million euros in the
government’s research programme.

DaimlerChrysler board member
Thomas Weber said that his company would invest a significant amount in
fuel research. The carmaker already has around 100 fuel cell vehicles
in operation.