An East Naples, Florida man learned the hard way Tuesday that driving a car and playing with a pet at the same time isn’t a good idea.  Especially when that pet is an agitated snake.

Courtland Page Johnson, 30, of 1373 Wildwood Lakes Blvd., was driving his PT Cruiser on Golden Gate Parkway at about 9 p.m. when the pet snake he had wrapped around his neck attacked his face, Naples police officials said.

An onlooker, Charles Page, told police Johnson was driving erratically and had crashed into several roadwork barricades. Page said Johnson had a snake in his hand at the time of the crash.
Courtland Page Johnson Johnson was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of a crash, and he was taken to the Naples Jail Center.

Johnson, a waiter at Bennigan’s restaurant, could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Police estimate the damage caused by Johnson to be about $1,000.

According to police reports, Johnson initially told police he had crashed into another car that had stopped short in front of him. After a series of questions, Johnson admitted to panicking behind the wheel once his pet snake bit him.

Police do not know why Johnson was driving with his pet snake around his neck or the extent of his injuries.

According to reports, when police first encountered Johnson, he had numerous small cuts on his body, and freshly dried blood on his forehead and right hand.