A Philippine restaurant has just introduced an unusual new revenue stream for the business.  For a small fee patrons are allowed to smash plates against the wall.

Ardith Vescara is an angry young woman. On top of family and academic pressure, the 13-year-old Filipino says boys tease her at school.

But instead of letting her emotions eat away at her, she is treating herself to an unusual form of anger management.

At the Isdaan restaurant in Gerona, about three hours north of Manila, Vescara and other patrons work out their stress for 15 pesos (30 U.S. cents) a go by hurling plates at the "wall of fury" emblazoned with words such as ex-wife, boss and lover.

A shout of "tacsiyapo" — or "shame on you" in the local dialect — usually accompanies the sound of smashing crockery.

Vases and bowls are also available, while the wealthier of the furious patrons can toss an old TV set for 1,300 pesos.

Not only is throwing things at the restaurant much cheaper than yoga lessons or professional therapy, it is a lot more fun.

"Isn’t it better to break these plates than your personal stuff at home?" Vescara said with a smile.

Manila residents fleeing the congested capital flock to the restaurant on weekends before heading to nearby beaches or into the mountains with much less emotional baggage.


Arnold Viola, the manager of Isdaan, said it was not unusual for husbands and wives to target each other on the wall before returning to the restaurant to enjoy a romantic meal.

"The top three targets are boss/manager; wine, women and gambling; and lastly the loan sharks," said Viola.

Angie Trumpeta, a medical student, made the long journey after a marathon run of exams.

"Something like this would help release all of your stress," she said while flinging plates at the wall.

It is not just customers who benefit. Isdaan’s staff enjoy throwing plates at the "perennially complaining customers" sign.

An Elvis impersonator who entertains the patrons, Jerwin Cedillo, said it was not always easy dealing with angry people but they usually left Isdaan in a calmer state of mind.

"To most people who have pent-up emotions, this wall of fury is the best way to let go of all your anger," he said.