An unknown singer has signed a huge record deal after staging webcam gigs from her basement.

Sandi Thom was signed RCA/SonyBMG after they saw her gigs on the net.

Sandi did the Twenty One Nights From Tooting tour from the basement of her London flat.

She says she got the idea from Sir Paul McCartney.

According to The Sun she said: "I studied at Paul’s Liverpool Institute Of Performing Arts. I asked for his advice and he told me to keep it simple. You can’t get more simple than performing in your own basement.

Nat Thomas"What has happened is amazing. I only went on the internet because I was too skint to put on a proper tour."

Just 70 tuned into her first gig on her opening night on the web on February 24.

But rumours of her gigs spread and by the middle of her "tour" the crowd had swollen to an amazing 70,000 per performance.

A single, I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker, is due out on May 22 and her album, Smile It Confuses People, on June 5.