Residents in Burbage, Leicestershire are getting themselves all steamed up about a new addition to their local industry. A topless carwash, aptly named Bubbles ´n´ Babes, has opened up on an industrial estate much to the chagrin of local people.

The Parish and borough councils have received complaints and the police are said to be keeping an eye on the business, but the owner insists that no laws are being broken. As the carwash is situated on an industrial estate, local planners are satisfied that there has been no change of use.

Despite the objections, there are clearly those that think it´s a fantastic idea. The company has had over 9,000 hits on its website within 5 days and have brought in 150 paying customers, which makes a tidy sum of around £900 a day for the burgeoning business.

In an advert for staff on a local job site, the company say:

"We offer a safe, fun and active service but are only introducing a little bit of harmless fun to having one´s car washed, topless is the extent of our service as we are not in the market of anything more sinister!"

We are looking for 12 more sexy girls who are willing to work in our topless carwash and earn between £100 – £200 per day."

They also offer fellas visiting the site a ´really fun day´ where they can go and work with Bubbles ´n´ Babes. During the day they say you can ´get all wet and dirty with our girls and bring your camera so you can take some pictures home with you for prosperity.´ Best get permission from the other half first, lads!

According to the website they are also planning a day for the Ladies so that they don´t feel left out. In an attempt to combat the ´sexist brigade´, they say that ´ four hunks who are real-live firemen, will be dressed and oiled-up ready to give your bodywork exactly what it deserves.´ If this proves popular, it is set to become a regular event.

If the Bubbles ´n´ Babes business takes off, the female employees will become partners. Fans will be pleased to know that there are more sites due to open in Derby and Nottingham, so please form an orderly queue!