In Iraq on September 3, 2004, United States Marine Corps military photographer Lance Corporal Andrew Z. Williams used his digital camera to capture still photos of flares fired by two U.S. Marine Corps KC-130 Hercules Tanker/Transport aircraft. The stunning and crisp images, shot from above the KC-130s, include the the aircrafts’ wingtip vortices, popularly known as "angel decoys," which are visible due to the flare salvos.

1. Aerial View of United States Marine Corps KC-130 Hercules Aircraft, Assigned to Marine Aerial Refueler-Transport Squadron Two Thirty Four (VMGR-234), As It Fires Flares That Are Used as a Defense Against Attacks by Surface to Air Missiles (SAMs or SAM) During Operation Iraqi Freedom, September 4, 2003, Al Jumhuriyah al Iraqiyah - Republic of Iraq. Photo Credit: USMC Lance Corporal Andrew Z. Williams; September 4, 2003 Collection, Image ID: 030904-M-7837W-011, 2003 Image Gallery (, MARFORRES Galleries (, Marine Corps Combat Camera Management and Imagery Management Unit - Photo: Command Submissions (, Marine Corps Combat Camera Management and Imagery Management Unit (, USMC Training And Education Command (TECOM,, United States Marine Corps (USMC,; United States Department of Defense (DoD, or, Government of the United States of America (USA). See also Manguaguan na Palabran Si Yuus, Fagualo (Octubre) 10, 2004 <>.” src=”” width=”720″ border=”2″ /><br /><strong>1. USMC, 030904-M-7837W-010</p>
<p><img height= and .  All photos and the video are in the public domain (courtsey of the United States Department of Defense).