Apple Computer claims to have over 21,000 distribution points for its iPod digital music player and growing. Here’s the 21,001st: a vending machine located at Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport in Georgia.

With a swipe of your credit card, the Zoom Shop machine — also stocking batteries, digital cameras, and other photo accessories — will be willing to serve up an iPod mini or shuffle. And the best part: there’s no checkout lines or pesky Apple sales staff pushing you to invest in an AppleCare extended warranty.

iPod Vending Machine

A similar machine has also been spotted at San Francisco International Airport, with several others likely located at other major airports throughout the United States.

At one point Apple had hinted that its mini retail store concept may make a nice fit for airport terminals and busy international rail stations. But we had no idea they’d be able to shrink the stores into staff-less 6-foot wide space.