Your investment in a college education could profoundly affect your career opportunities, financial well-being, and quality of life.  Here are some of the latest rankings of colleges around the world.

Most people choose a college only once in their lifetime, so there’s not much opportunity to learn from your past mistakes. Instead, you need first-rate information from the start.  To find the right college, you need a source of reliable and consistent data–information that lets you compare one college with another and find the differences that matter to you. 


  Source: The Sunday Times University Guide, 2005
  Rank   University
1   University of Cambridge
2   University of Oxford
3   Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine  
4   London School of Economics  
5   University College, London
6   University of Warwick
7   The University of York
8   University of Bristol  
9   University of Durham
10   University of Bath


  Source: America’s Best Colleges, US News, 2006
  Rank   University
1   Harvard University
1   Princeton University
3   Yale University
4   University of Pennsylvania
5   Duke University
5   Stanford University
7   California Institute of Technology
7   Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
9   Columbia University
9   Dartmouth College


  Source: Maclean’s, 2005

Medical Doctoral Category: Universities with "a broad range of Ph.D. programs and research, as well as medical schools."


  Rank   University
1   McGill University
2   University of Toronto
3   University of Western Ontario  
4   University of British Columbia  
5   Queen’s University
6   University of Alberta
7   University of Montréal
8   Université Laval
9   Université de Sherbrooke
10   University of Saskatchewan  


  Source:, 2005
  Rank   University
1   Tsinghua University, Beijing
2   Peking University, Beijing
3   Nanjing University,
4   University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei  
5   Fudan University, Shanghai
6   Zhejiang University, Hangzhou  
7   Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai
8   Nan’kai University, Tianjin
9   Beijing Normal University, Beijing  
10   Renmin University of China, Beijing


  Source: The Times Higher Education Supplement, 2005
  Rank   University
1   Harvard University
2   Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
3   University of Cambridge  
4   University of Oxford  
5   Stanford University
6   University of California at Berkeley
7   Yale University
8   California Institute of Technology
9   Princeton University  
10   Ecole Polytechnique, France


  Source: The Times Higher Education Supplement, 2005
  Rank   University
1   Peking University
2   The University of Tokyo  
3   The University of Melbourne  
4   National University of Singapore  
5   Australian National University
6   Kyoto University
7   Monash University
8   The University of Sydney
9   University of New South Wales  
10   The University of Hong Kong