China is looking to impose a soft-snore policy on its military officers with new recruits being judged on how heavily they breath and wheeze while sleeping, state press have said.

The snoring criteria is part of new regulations for military school recruits that also aimed to eliminate applicants with tattoos and those who took drugs, the Beijing Morning Post reported.

"As the nasal sound of chronic snorers disturbs collective life, a new benchmark has been approved setting out standards for chronic snorers," the paper said.

Those who snored loudly would be banned, it said, although it was unclear how the standards would be set.

Potential recruits would for the first time undergo urine tests for illegal drugs, while applicants with tattoos would be eliminated, it said. entrance requirements, including eyesight, height, weight and general fitness remained in force, it said.
 China’s 35 military academies and nine military police academies recruited 200,000 cadets in 2005, Xinhua news agency reported.