The BallFinder SCOUT packs a surprising amount of tech into a device with a relatively benign purpose: to find your missing, non-microchipped golf balls after you’ve sliced them into the woods.

One of the first things that comes to most people’s minds when they hear about the development of the new Ballfinder SCOUT™ is that it must find golf balls by working off something embedded in the ball. It doesn’t. That would clearly violate USGA rules forbidding tampering with the ball. Ballfinder SCOUT™ does not rely on gimmicks or illegal devices to help you find your ball faster.

It does rely on a unique combination of technologies from digital video cameras to color recognition systems and has put them together in an easy to use hand held device equipped with a high end LCD and colorful LEDs that lead you to the ball’s location.

Ballfinder SCOUT™ was developed in conjunction with the Sarnoff Corporation, one of the world’s most respected technology facilities famous for their work in optics and “finding things”. Among other breakthroughs, they invented Color TV, Satellite TV, HDTV, and digital TV. Now they’ve put their combined talents to work to find golf balls.

Inside the Ballfinder SCOUT™ is a video-like camera. It can search up to 600 square feet in one second or almost 1/7 of an acre in 10 seconds! Each of two million pixels is scanned in nanoseconds and analyzed pixel by pixel using our proprietary GLS golf ball locating system technology to look for the unique color signature found on any standard white golf ball. WITH AS LITTLE AS 1% – OR ABOUT THREE DIMPLES – visible, Ballfinder SCOUT™ can find the ball and guide you to it.

We can’t promise you that the Ballfinder SCOUT™ will find every ball. It won’t help you if a ball is in water or if it is totally covered. But if 1% of the ball is visible, The Ballfinder SCOUT™ will find it even though your naked eye can’t. You’ll find your ball faster, speed up the game and enhance your own and everyone else’s enjoyment of the game.