The following is a survey of customers at Sam’s Club on the effect of fluctuating and higher gas prices.

Q: How have fluctuating gas prices impacted your spending? (Check all that apply)

* Delayed major purchase such as car, TV, furniture: 22.8%
* Reduced dining out: 32.7%
* Decreased vacation/travel: 36.7%
* Increased carpooling: 8.6%
* I will be driving less: 38.6%
* Spending less on groceries: 18.2%
* Spending less on clothing: 26.4%
* Other: 6.2%
* No major impact: 28.2%

And this just in: Chevron’s first-quarter profit soared 49% to $4 billion, joining the procession of U.S. oil companies to report colossal earnings as lawmakers consider ways to pacify motorists agitated about rising gas prices, says the Associated Press.