A Dutch carpenter’s range of erotic furniture is going on display at an art gallery.  Complete with photos.

Cabinet maker Mario Philippona uses the female anatomy as inspiration for his range of cupboards, wardrobes and tables.

His pieces include a wine-glass cupboard in the shape of a pair of large breasts and a table supported by legs moulded from a female model.

His latest works, including a chair made from women’s legs and bottoms, are going on display at the Erotica Dell’ Arte exhibition at the Gallery Kralingen in Rotterdam next month.

Philippona said: "The shape of a woman, her organic architecture, combined with my passion for wood inspired me to sculpt these sexy designs."

The artist says he is happy to sell his furniture to British clients, who can contact him using his website www.sexyfurniture.nl.

Mario Philippona's erotic furniture /Europics