Potential British parents say wealth and fun is more important than starting a family according to a recent poll.

Sixty-four percent of men and 51 percent of woman agree that it’s more important for women to enjoy themselves than have children, the telephone poll of 1,006 adults found.

Sixty-one percent of the group also said material success is more important than bringing up children.

As to why having children is ranked so low, 63 percent said career pressure makes it more difficult to have children while 54 percent said cost is a deterrent.

The poll may explain why Britain’s birth rate has plunged from its 1960s high of 2.95 children per woman to 1.77 in 2004, the newspaper reported.

Today, 20 percent of British women are childless by the end of their child-bearing years vs. 10 percent in the 1940s.