Princess Mary of Denmark has been urged to educate the Danish Royal Family after her father-in-law revealed he had a penchant for eating dogs.

Prince Henrik told the magazine Ud & Se that dog meat tasted like rabbit, dried baby goat, and the veal of a baby suckling calf, only drier.

The Times online today reported that 72-year-old Prince Henrik in a published interview admitted to loving dogs in a rather culinary way: "delicately sliced, lightly fried and served on a plate".

The admission has rocked Denmark, whose royals are committed to ending animal cruelty.

Prince Henrik, in his role as honorary president of the Danish Dachshund Club, is known as a passionate animal lover.

He has said he would like to be reborn as a dachshund in the Danish Court and has advised parents to bring up children like dogs.

The Times online reported that he had apparently developed an appetite for dog-bone stew and other canine delicacies at an early age.

He grew up in Vietnam, where roast dog remained a speciality, had no qualms about eating dog meat, and said dogs were bred to be eaten, just like chickens, it reported.

The remarks are understood to have reopened a royal mystery surrounding one of the royal dachshunds which disappeared in the 1990s.

It was never found despite a national search.

Animal Liberation spokesperson Angie Stephenson called on Princess Mary to educate herself and the Danish royal family about the cruelty dogs and cats suffered when they were slaughtered for food, especially in some Asian cultures.

"It is quite common for dogs to be beaten before they are hung," she said.

"It’s believed the hormones released by dogs before they die increases male virility and makes the meat soft as well.

"I don’t know her (Princess Mary’s) stand on animal cruelty but I’m sure that as a human being she would like to end the suffering these animals go through before they end up on the dinner plate."

Ms Stephenson called on Australian governments to pass laws banning the human consumption of cat and dog meat.

"We know the eating of dog and cat meat does happen in Australia, we know it from our undercover work."

Princess Mary / EPA

Dog lover … Princess Mary, left, with her father-in-law Prince Consort Henrik