Boing Boing, previously the most popular blog according to Technorati has now been displaced by a fast rising Chinese blog. And here is the surprising part.  The blog is written by a famous Chinese actress, Xu Jinglei, and it’s less than six months old.  Great photos of her.

The amazing appeal of the worldwide phenomenon of blogging was in evidence on February 13, when the 10-millionth visitor clicked to view famous Chinese actress and director Xu Jinglei’s then four-month-old blog, making her blog the most popular in China.  Now her blog is the most popular in the world.
Since last year, many Chinese have established blogs at,, or And many Chinese celebrities-actors, hosts, writers, singers and composers-have been quick to establish their blogs. This prompted Sina to launch a special "The Celebrities Blog" channel, where the blogs are displayed in the alphabetical order of their names.

Here is a short interview with Xu Jinglei: 

Q: What was your original idea in setting up a blog?

Xu: "Actually, it was not my original idea. Last October, my colleagues encouraged me to set up a blog. At first, I was not sure what to do. Just like what I wrote in my first blog piece on October 25, 2005, ‘This is a trial field.’ Feeling a bit vague about this new thing, I only wrote a few simple sentences in the first few days. Later, it became a place where I felt free to express my feelings after a day’s work or a holiday or a visit. At that time, I did not know if I would stick with writing it or not. But gradually, I fell in love with it."
Q: What is your feeling about your blog since last October?

Xu: "I’m the kind of person that if one requires me to do something and I feel tired of it after a period of time, I don’t do it. For example, I was invited to write some columns for a magazine, but I refused in the beginning, because if I’m contracted to write articles and if I’m not able to write satisfactory ones on time, I feel self-condemned. However, a blog is totally different. I don’t need to write every day. I don’t need to write long articles with beautiful words. I can even cancel my blog if I feel uncomfortable. If I don’t want to say anything, I can just put a photo there taken using my mobile phone or an English song that I learnt from my English teacher. Sometimes, what I write depends on how I feel before the computer. If I feel free, I can do things better."
Q: How do you like the messages others wrote on your blog?

Xu: I quite enjoy reading them, no matter whether they love me or scold me. Sometimes, there are messages saying that my words are awkward. From the messages, I’m able to know what others feel about my films and my life. In other words, the blog helps me understand others better. You know, getting close to life is one of the most important things for an actress and director. But it is a pity that I don’t have enough time to reply to all the messages. If time permitted, I’d like to communicate more with them.
Q: How do you think you will blog?

Xu: In my opinion, the Internet is a great revolution. And blogging is a small revolution. It provides an interactive platform for people to get to know each other. More importantly, it offers space for everybody, no matter who they are, to express their feelings, and to express themselves.

While most people in the US feel there are fewer "A-List" bloggers in China, that could change quickly.  Many Chinese bloggers are writing personal diaries for friends on MSN Spaces, but fewer "thought leader" type blogs like BuzzMachine or Micropersuasion, with notable exceptions like Keso, Sayonly etc.

Chinese blogs are expected to number more than 60million by the end of the year.

Here are some photos of Xu Jinglei