The world’s most impressive beards.

Willi Chevalier, World Beard Champion in the category "Chin and Cheek Beard, Freesyle, 2005", won an award in International German Beard Championship.

Manfred Richter shows his boldly spiralled beard.

This contestant opted for the freestyle category with this windmill-shaped beard.

Austrian Franz Mitterhauser competed in the category "Imperial Cheek Beard"

Red, Black and elegant grey. Gerhard Knapp put a lot of time into this creation.

Rainer Mante sports this impeccable, minimalist creation.

Cats would go green with envy at these whiskers.

Hans Gassner opted for this elegant chaos.

Udo Blaess goes for the Asian wise man look.

Karl-Heinz Hille is delighted by this perfectly combed creation.