A new device from Atiz Innovation will scan books at up to 1,800 pages per hour. This would be extremely useful for libraries and companies seeking to put out of print books online.

Finally, you can now own a perfect book scanning station that doesn’t break your bank. Common problems with book scanning:

  • Books come in a wide variety (book thickness, paper size, page thickness, type of binding, type of book cover, book fragility, etc.) How can one solution deal with all kind of books?
  • How to ensure the quality of scanning (i.e. making sure all the pages are cropped accurately, having consistent brightness and contrast, etc.)
  • How to do that as fast as possible?
  • How can one do that for 10,000 times a day? Book flipping and button pressing for 10,000 times a day??
BookDrive DIY is a highly productive scanning solution that enables you to easily scan books at 1,000 pages an hour.

It represents a new way for scanning books as it employs digital cameras, which are much faster than flatbed or overhead scanners. Instead of capturing the information one line at a time, digital cameras capture the information of the whole document in just a blink. This fact makes a digital camera obviously a better choice for scanning documents.
In the past, it has been extremely difficult to shoot good images of a book and make sure all those shots come out consistently and cropped properly.

There are many difficulties typically associated with the process:

  • Having to find the right camera and the right lens,
  • Creating the right environment for picture taking (e.g. preparing an ideal lighting condition, a book cradle, etc.)
  • Properly configuring the settings of a camera (e.g. shutter speed, aperture, focus, distance, positioning, etc.)
  • The laborious process of post image processing (e.g. cropping the pictures, renaming the files, etc.)
Not anymore. You can now scan books by using digital cameras to get great quality scanned results and don’t have to deal with those problems anymore for we’ve already solved all those problems for you.

BookDrive DIY combines the best practices in book scanning and photography.  

Just like having the best photographer to shoot pictures of the book for you without you having to know anything about photography!

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