For decades hardwood floors have been limited to either strip or plank configurations. Now, new high-tech manufacturing allows for the creation of a premium quality, solid hardwood floor that stands out from the crowd.

The solid hardwood flooring components really are as they appear — pre-finished, precision fit puzzle pieces. Two individual patterns interlock quickly and easily to create a floor that’s durable, easy to care for and fun.

Puzzle Floor™ instantly creates a special and memorable environment. For renovation or building projects, Puzzle Floor™ provides the perfect starting point to create a theme for:

• game rooms
• home theatre rooms
• family rooms
• children’s bedrooms
• commercial applications for boutiques, shops and offices

Puzzle Floor™ provides all the warmth of wood and the feel of a solid floor in a floating floor.

If you want a hardwood floor that’s one of a kind, you want a Puzzle Floor™. Puzzle Floor™ is easier to install than traditional hardwood strip or plank flooring. The pieces can be installed as a floating floor. The easy-to-assemble interlocking pieces allow do-it-yourselfers to install their own floor if they so desire.