For anyone who puts much stock in those reports of cellphone radiation causing cancer, we recommend you set down your Moto and slowly back away. Turns out Motorola managed to score the top eight spots in a list by CNET of phones with the highest radiation levels — as tested by the FCC.

According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), SAR or specific absorption rate is "a way of measuring the quantity of radiofrequency (RF) energy that is absorbed by the body." For a phone to pass FCC certification, that phone’s maximum SAR level must be less than 1.6W/kg (watts per kilogram). In Europe, the level is capped at 2W/kg. The SAR level listed in our chart represents the maximum SAR level with the phone next to the ear, a level obtained through required FCC tests.

It’s important to note that in publishing this list are we in no way implying that cell phone use is or isn’t harmful to your health. While research abounds and some tests have shown that cell phone radiofrequency (RF) could accelerate cancer in laboratory animals, the studies have not been replicated. Cell phones can affect internal pacemakers, but there is not conclusive or demonstrated evidence that they cause adverse health affects in humans. So in short, the jury is still out, research is ongoing, and we will continue to monitor its results.

Top 10 Highest Radiation Phones

     Manufacturer and model SAR level
 1.    Motorola Slvr L6 1.58
 2a.    Motorola V120c 1.55
 2b.    Motorola V265 1.55
 4.    Motorola V70 1.54
 5a.   Motorola C290 1.53
 5b.   Motorola P8767 1.53
 5c.   Motorola ST7868 1.53
 5d.   Motorola ST7868W 1.53
 9a.    Motorola A845 1.51
 9c.    Palm Treo 650 GSM 1.51
 9b.    Panasonic Allure 1.51

Top 10 Lowest Radiation Phones

 Manufacturer and model SAR level
 1.    Audiovox PPC66001 0.12
 2.    Motorola MPx200 0.2
 3.    Motorola Timeport L7089 0.22
 4.    Qualcomm pdQ-1900 0.2634
 5.    T-Mobile Sidekick 0.276
 6a.   Samsung SGH-S100 0.296
 6b.   Samsung SGH-S105 0.296
 8.    Sony Ericsson Z600 0.31
 9.    Mitsubishi G360 0.32
 10.    Siemens S40 0.33