Take yet another step towards turning your static, ‘manual’ house into a dynamic and totally remote controlled playground.

We can see how an electric door opener is useful for small children, the elderly, and the infirmed, but if you’re using this because you can’t manage to get off your ass for 30 seconds to open the door for the UPS guy, you should just go smack your mother right now for not raising the lazy stupidness out of you.

This Swing Door Opener works on left and right swinging doors, and the remote can be assigned to two different openers simultaneously. A timer mode allows the door to be automatically closed after being open a pre-set period of time.

All this automation will run you $324.99, which is worth it if you’re in one of those three categories above (young, old, sickly), but not if you’re just a lazy slob.

Swing Door Opener w/Electric Strike

A variety of modes are available for operation. In Open/Close Mode, two remote buttons will open the door, and the other two will close it. If you have two doors set up, you can use the same remote to control both. In Toggle Mode, you’ll enjoy one-button operation. By activating the remote, the door will either open or close, depending on its current position. When Timer Mode is selected, you’ll activate the remote to open the door, and the door will close automatically after it has been opened for a specific period of time. You may change the timer setting from 10 seconds up to 50 seconds, in 10-second intervals.

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