U.S. scientists reportedly have created a revolutionary sensor that can feel the texture on objects with a sensitivity equal to that of a human fingertip.

The BBC reports that by replicating human touch, the device could pave the way for robotic hands. The device employs particles to emit light in response to changes in texture.

The research team said that in the future, the sensor could aid minimally invasive surgeries by giving the surgeon a touch-sensation.

The research, reported in the journal Science, was co-authored by Professor Ravi Saraf, an engineer at the University of Nebraska.

If you look at the current status of these tactile sensors, the frustration has been that the resolution of all these devices is in the range of millimeters, he said, whereas the resolution of a human fingertip is about 40 microns, about half the diameter of a human hair, and this has affected the performance of these devices.