For all you single girls out there looking for a way to keep your spirits up, we’ve compiled a list of things to do to keep your mind off your single status.

The following recommendations were published in China:

1. Sleep

Lack of sleep is a problem for many single girls. Staying out late at the pub or karaoke (KTV) can make you tired and listless. But getting enough sleep helps keep you looking fresh and radiant.
2. Skin care

Too busy working to get to the salon? Don’t ignore skin care. Blackheads and wild eyebrows won’t do anything for your looks. You can go to a professional beauty salon or do it by yourself at home but the most important thing is to take time to relax and make yourself more beautiful.
3. Reading
Since you’re a single girl, you have the weekend to yourself, unlike those housewives immersed in housework. Why not have a cup of coffee, sit at a window with a book in your hand. What a leisurely way to spend a weekend!
4. Weekend trip

Instead of reading or resting at home, you can also take a weekend road-trip. Why not try camping or hiking the mountains with friends?
5. Party
Have a party! Call your friends and tell them to bring some wine or beer to your house and you¡¯ll prepare the food. Switch on the music and enjoy the happiness of being single. No one to bother you!
6. Talk to your parents

When is the last time you talked with your mum? When you’re tired of parties or going out, how about going home, having dinner with your parents and feeling the warmth that can only come from family.
7. Hang out with your girlfriends

Ask some of your girlfriends have dinner together, go shopping, to bars or dancing. Or just stay at home and have a girls¡¯ night in.
8. Cleaning house

If you live on your own, your house may be a mess as there’s no one around to tell you to clean it up. If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, why not clear out your closet? It may help you clear your head as well.
9. Go to an exhibition

Museums and galleries are good places to spend your leisure time.

10. Study session

How about studying? Refreshing or building your knowledge can never hurt, especially for getting a better job. Whatever the reason, studying can help fill your time if you don¡¯t have a boyfriend.
11. Get fit

If you haven’t got a fitness plan, you’d better get one in a hurry. Go find a body fitness club and start exercising. It will keep you fit and refreshed.

12. Save some cash

Going shopping is one kind of happiness, saving money is another. Putting away RMB 200 a week isn’t so hard, and after a month you’ll have RMB800 in savings.

13. Cook

Instant noodles and yogurt may be your daily menu. Why not learn how to really cook? Being a good chef means you can also show off to your friends when you invite them for dinner.
14. Go shopping

Girls like shopping, no matter if they are married or not. Of course, if you are single you’ll spend money more freely. Even if the dress is a little expensive, no one will blame you for buying it. But be sure you’ll be able to pay the bill.
15. Pets

Sometimes you may feel lonely if you live on your own. How about keeping a cat or a dog? If you love your pet, it will love you. Most importantly, pets are loyal, unlike some men.

Single Chinese women.