According to a study conducted by Compete Inc., Hispanic shoppers are more likely to look for music-enabled phones online than other shoppers and Hispanic mobile phone users more likely to purchase downloadable content such as ringtones, graphics and ringback tones.

Hispanic mobile phone users are also strong subscribers to mobile TV, according to data from Telephia. In a survey conducted in the first quarter of 2006, Telephia found that Hispanic people made up 10% of total wireless subscribers but 23% of mobile TV subscribers. African-American people also were overrepresented in mobile TV subscribership, accounting for 19% of mobile TV subscribers and 11% of wireless subscribers.

Mobile phone usage has long been strong in the Hispanic and African-American communities. Given more extensive experience with the devices, it makes some sense that subscribers within these demographic groups would be among the early adopters of mobile entertainment.

In fact, African-Americans and English-speaking Hispanic people were more likely to have used mobile phone features such as text messaging, playing games and playing music, according to Pew Internet & American Life Project.