The iPlayer started as a project to solve some of the copyright issues on MySpace, where a simple posting of a song can constitute a complete waiver of ownership rights.  But iPlayer has evolved into a significant piece of music management software that allows musician to see where and when their music is being downloaded and plan their strategies accordingly.

iFanz is an online email marketing service that was launched by Ruth McCartney, step-sister to Paul.  She grew up knowing all the problems associated with fan club management.  Being raised in Liverpool, England in the 60’s, she was intimately familiar with all the issues Paul and John Lennon faced with the business side of the Beatles.  "The Suits" as John affectionately called them were basically accountants who cared little for the future of music.

When the overwhelming task of sorting literally tens of thousands of pieces of fan mail fell to her Mother Angie, Ruth made her pocket money by helping to catalog and answer some of the mail. She soon learned that a relationship with the fans was the second most important thing a musician can have – after the music they produced.

As a result Ruth set out to produce an automated Fan Club Management System in the form of iFanz.  While it started as a pretty lack-luster email marketing system, it has, over time, evolved into a very useful music management tool for the emerging global musicians of tomorrow.

iFanz is run by like-minded musicians and in light of various discussions about copyright issues, stalling players, bad sounding streams etc., they decided to build iPlayer. It’s in Flash so unless you click the download option to "yes", no one will be able steal your music.

One very useful feature is that you can get the HTML code and paste the player into MySpace or similar sites.

But the best part of iPlayer is the music management software, and people with the starter $10 a month Garage account get access to it.  iPlayer will show the musician on a Google Map where their music is being played, downloaded, what time of day, and how often.  The information can be parsed and sorted in various ways, and the result is serious information for the serious musician.  Nothing else like it.

In case you’re wondering, the demo selections from "When Friction Fails" is music produced by Miles on End, an Omaha, Nebraska band led by iFanz lead programmer Darby Frey.