Cyclists depend on clear hand signals to indicate their intention when stopping or turning at a busy road intersection. While the hand signals may be clearly visible during the day, a problem exits in drawing the attention of motorists in poor light conditions, such as at dusk or dawn.  This idea is a turn-indicating cycling glove that contains a signalling light assembly embedded in the backhand fabric of the glove.

The glove light comprises a flat transparent housing with an array of flashing LEDs that are powered by a small dry cell battery located inside the light housing.

A pressure switch is provided at the base of the forefinger sleeve that is orientated to be depressed by the proximal phalange of the thumb. The unusual positioning of the thumb against the forefinger base makes it less likely to accidentally activate the indicator light.

Once activated the LEDs will flash for a period of between 5 and 30 seconds until it is automatically deactivated by a time switch. Alternatively, the activation switch could comprise a pendulum switch that automatically activates the light when the gloved hand is held out horizontally in the direction that the rider wishes to turn.