Chewing gum may be a remedy for body odor, but the foods division of cosmetics giant Kanebo has gone a step further by creating gum that leaves people’s bodies smelling like a rose.

The company announced on July 10 that it would begin selling special chewing gum which causes a rose fragrance to be emitted from the body one to two hours after it is chewed.

The gum, called "Otoko Kaoru" (male scent) Rose Menthol, contains the fragrant component geraniol, which is found in roses. According to Kanebo’s food research laboratory, the component is emitted from sweat glands easily, in much the same way as garlic and alcohol. Maca, a plant that is rich in nutrition, was added, creating a mint-flavored, sugarless gum.

The gum is aimed at men between their 20s and 50s who are worried about body odors and scents. Each packet, which costs 126 yen, contains nine pieces of gum. The product will be sold at station kiosks and convenience stores.

Kanebo’s new "Otoko Kaoru" gum, which causes a rose scent to be emitted from the body.