A few years back I used to have one of the Palm devices with the pen. I was sold on it by a friend who effortlessly wrote his notes on the device like a pro. I got one and could never get my handwriting recognised on it, selling the thing in a matter of months. This Oxford Easybook M³ Digital Notepad seems to be the modern day equivalent – but thankfully seems much easier to use.

It’s aimed very much at those of us that attend meetings, scribbling away on notepads, but then having to convert the notes to a PC-based document. With the Easybook notepad, you can hand write emails, spreadsheets, images, notes and tasks – the digital pen captures your writing and synchronises it directly with your PC. Handwritten notes can also be found easily, thanks to the built-in search wizard which can track notes from previous meetings or conversations.

The only downside is perhaps the price. It isn’t particularly cheap, either, retailing around $461. At a price like that, you might as well spring for a laptop so you can play games in class.  I guess it all depends on how much you value this type of exerience.