More and more Chinese passengers prefer flying on a foreign airlines, according to a survey, as the customer service on foreign airlines appeals to a people who are becoming more and more discriminating.

The biggest online travel company in China ¡ª C-trip conducted an online survey about "airline consumption" recently, which showed that most people in China tended to be more rational when buying tickets as they only chose their favorite flight types and air companies.

Most of the respondents indicated that they would take airplane types into consideration, for example, Boeing 747 with wide bodies being their prior choice. Some said large planes seemed more secure than smaller ones, while others believed they felt more comfortable in large ones.

As to airline companies, passengers will mainly pay attention to prices, services, reputation, and delay history. On the same route, more than 60% passengers prefer foreign airline companies, which perform outstandingly in those aspects compared with domestic airline companies. They said they were impressed by the more human-centered services of the foreign airlines in spite of their expensive prices.