USA today recently reported that people are changing jobs an average of nine times before the age of 32. Nine times! The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports average tenure on a job of 4.6 years. Futurists predict the average to drop to 3.8, maybe even 3.5 years, by 2010. Whether you see this is as good news or bad news all depends on your particular experiences and expectations of work.

Ten years ago, the future of work was hotly contested by economists, sociologists and futurists, many of whom foresaw dire consequences for work in the 21st century. Numerous books and articles declared the need for a new "mindset" about work and jobs, prescribing entrepreneurial thinking and self-reliance as remedies for succeeding in our rapidly changing workplace.

In his then groundbreaking book, "Job Shift," William Bridges warned of a "workplace without jobs," predicting that jobs would continue to disappear indefinitely. Similarly, Jeremy Rifkin’s "The End of Work" cautioned a "world without workers" as production and labor succumbed to technology and information.

But what’s really going on.  Join us as we begin to probe the minds of people who are busy changing the job landscape and actively re-inventing work. 

EVENT:  Movers and Shakers Breakfast Series
DATE:  July 21, 2006
TIMES:  8:00 – 9:30 am

LOCATION:  DU School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management (HRTM), 2101 S University Blvd,
Denver, Colorado  (Building with the red dome)
DIRECTIONS: Click here for map
PARKING:  Guests can park on the street (either Iliff or High Street), there is metered parking or there is visitor parking available in the Newman Center garage.

PRODUCED BY:  The DaVinci Institute and the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business

TOPIC:  "Re-Inventing Work"

  • Brad Krinhop – Senior Vice President of Operations, Alpine Access Corporation
  • Steve Meyer – CEO and Founder of Mainstreet Pedicab     
  • Dr. Jaclyn Kostner  – Bridge the Distance and Best Selling Author

  • Rob Reuteman – Business Editor of the Rocky Mountain News
COST:  $49 – ($10 discount for DaVinci Institute Members) – Register here. 

So what have we learned here?
For starters, we learned that lifetime employment in one organization was not a viable career goal — that if we defined career success as having a traditional job, moving up to positions of power and authority, salary and status, we were destined for trouble. We found out that job security demands secure employment, of which there was, and continues to be, very little. We learned that our security has to reside in ourselves. 
Second, we gained a resilience to change, or so it would seem. The relentless impact of technology combined with global competition to forge a new economy with promising new jobs and emerging career options. Who knew? While some jobs disappeared, new ones quickly filled their place. Greater efficiency enabled more flexible work options — telecommuting, flextime and contracting provided alternatives to the 9-to-5 scenario.

And third, we started to like this new economy. Looking ahead suddenly got more exciting.  We invite you to join us for an exciting look at the changing world of work and the emerging forces at play.

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