Skywalker jets has set the bar for future jet pack designs. With a weight of around 90 pounds, and the size of your average back pack, this unit can be carried in cars or vans.

The jet pack can fly for about six minutes with the basic configuration. The production model jet pack will be capable of flying for up to ten minutes. With a range of 4 miles (6.436 kilometers), and an integrated global positioning system to compliment the pack.

One model will be a rescue platform capable of lifting two people. The production model jet pack will have an integrated global positioning system. One purpose of the GPS is to see where you are, and where you are going. The other purpose is to help the jet pack run efficiently, and easily. For example, during start up you need propane gas to get the engines up to operating temperature.

If you were at Los Angeles, the settings for the propane regulators would be different than in Boulder Colorado.  Computer modeling needs to be completed, to address different aspects of the jet pack. Engineers and designers will be enlisted that have the training, and education needed to bring the production model to completion.

The jet pack can use several types of fuel, JP-4/Kerosene, Paraffin and JET-A1. The proto type jet pack is capable of lifting a pilot weighing around 210 lbs (95.45 kgs), and flying for 5 minutes. A reserve of fuel will give about 1 minute of additional flight time. Production models will be able to fly for closer to 10 minutes. As orders are received, I will have the necessary funding to complete computer simulations concerning emergency scenarios, and to start production. The final jet pack model will also have integrated frame and fuel tank, with a rear panel to hold the necessary electronics. frame will be carbon fiber, and be much stronger and better looking than the proto type. In the helmet there will be a heads up display with a timer to show the time of flight, as well as engine warning information. I will also try to get the GPS to display on the heads up display as well. These upgrades will allow the pilot to keep looking where he is going without the need to constantly look at the instrument panel.

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