China:  "Ski" in the summer? It might be strange, but it’s this hot season’s new activity. And it doesn’t just include ice skiing but sand and grass skiing as well.

As we all know, skiing is usually considered a winter sport. But now in some big cities, it has become a popular activity in the summer, as there appear to be many indoor ski resorts. This ice world may help you avoid the summer heat.

Qiaobo Inner Ski Resort

Occupying 40,000 square meters, this ski resort consists of two snow tracks. The primary track is 200-meters long and 40-meters wide with an average sloping gradient of 8 degrees, which ensures absolute safety for beginners. For the professional skiers, they might prefer the intermediate and advanced tracks, which are 300-meters long with a width of 40 meters and an average sloping gradient of 17 degrees.

The snow there is more than a half-meter thick and the temperature keeps around -3 degrees Celsius.

Address: Mapochaobai National Forest Park, Shunyi County, Beijing
Daytime Cost: RMB150/hr on the weekdays and RMB180/hr on the weekends
Nighttime (18:00¡«22:00) Cost: RMB198/hr
Telephone number: 010-69411991/69418822

2) Shanghai Yinqixing Ski Resort

Covering 100,800 square meters, Yinqixing Ski Resort is the biggest indoor ski resort in Asia so far. There is a professional snow track as long as 380 meters. Although the temperature is very low there, almost below -2 degrees Celsius, the air is fresh. There are also interesting events, such as snow boating and snow biking.

Address: No.1835, Qixing Rd, Shanghai
Daytime Cost: RMB 98/hr on the weekdays and RMB118/hr on the weekends
Nighttime Cost: RMB198/hr
Opening hours: 9:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday; 9:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.
Tel: 021–64788666

Grass skiing


Grass skiing was initially developed in Austria in the mid1980s as a summer training method for race skiers. Based on its growing popularity, the sport is gradually gaining ground in China. Grass skiing is similar to the sport on snow but substitutes shorter caterpillar tread skates for skis. Therefore, to some extent, grass skiing is the "offspring" of skiing. And during this summer, many skiing places have changed their appearances and set up a series of grass skiing activities. With the green earth under your feet, it is really a cool, unique adventure.

1) Lianhuashan Ski Resort
Address: No. Zhang Zhenliang Shandong Rd., Shunyi, Beijing
Tel: 010-61488777
Average cost: RMB30 for one hour, RMB50 for two hours, RMB80 for 4 hours and RMB120 for the whole day
2) Dongping National Forest Park
Address: Chongming Island, Chongming County, Shanghai
Tel: 021-59338028

Sand skiing


Sand skiing came from Africa with a slope gradient of 45 degrees. The skiers can ski down with a starting speed of 20 meters per second. Those with a taste for speed and enthusiasm for an unusual sport will enjoy sand skiing down the dunes. Despite common fears, falling doesn’t hurt any more on sand than snow, and it’s relatively easy to learn. So it is adventurous and relatively safe. As you glide along, the towering dunes will provide an awesome visual spectacle. For an unforgettable sporting experience, give sand-skiing a try.

1) Mingsha Mountain (Ringing sand mountain)
This is a sand mountain. And just as its name implies, the specialty here is that when you are skiing on the slope, the sand will ring like an orchestral music.
Address: Dunhuang, Gansu Province
2) Feicui Island
Address: Nandaihe, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei province.
Entrance fee: RMB25 per person (including sand skiing and parking)