This Bluetooth headset is smaller than a dime, and small enough to be carried away by an ant.

The thing is about 6mm by 5mm by 10mm. Ridica-malous! And could easily get lost in your ear. There’s even a detachable buzzer, for simple communication with your poker card counting buddies, or friends across the room taking multiple choice exams with you. Who’s making this wonder-gadget? Not Samsung or Motorola. A 25-year-old medical student in Russia. Before you shout Scamtastic, let me tell you more and show you the picture of this thing next to an ant.


The headset can link to phones, and audio bluetooth devices. The earpiece isn’t a direct bluetooth device, though. No, it transfers audio by standard RF to a neckmounted mic, which then retransmits bluetooth to your phone. (Or Bluetooth iPod when it comes out. I swear, it’s coming.) Also has a 3.5mm minijack output, which is just a standard headphone jack.