As a group, small-business owners are wealthier and better educated than the overall U.S. population, according to a new study by Experian.

Owners of incorporated businesses earn $78,500 a year on average, compared to an average national income of $58,100. Owners of unincorporated businesses earn $72,000 a year in comparison.

Owners of incorporated businesses are also 56 percent more likely than average Americans to have completed college, while owners of unincorporated businesses are 29 percent more likely.

The study showed that on average, owners of incorporated businesses are younger (47.5 years old) than the general population (49.4), while owners of unincorporated businesses are slightly older (50.3).

Experian analyzed data from 1.2 million incorporated and unincorporated small-business owners, selecting businesses that had no more than 25 employees and $10 million in annual sales.