And the award for Best Use of Photomosaics Ever goes to…

This mosaic was created using thousands of images from the different moments that were captured for the first film in the A Moment on Earth™ series. The larger picture it creates shows images from the first moments in Iraq and the Pacific Ocean. You can ‘fly’ your mouse over the moment and click to see larger images, read about the individual moments and, in time, leave comments on what you see.

Explore the site to watch the movie trailers for both films, link up to your blog or MySpace page, and get news updates when you share the moment with your friends. You can read about the guidelines that were given to the filmmakers, where the inspiration for the project was sparked, and soon you will be able to leave your own mark on the mosaic and in doing so help us to publish the DVDBook.

Click here to view the Photomosaic.